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These are audio recordings of talks given by Michael Eido Luetchford. They cover the main principles of Buddhist philosophy and the place of Buddhism in the modern world.

We are currently in the process of converting all the talks to Mp3 format so that they can be downloaded to your hard disk and played on Mp3 players.

If there are any problems such as audio "jumping" or stuttering please contact me with the relevent file name so that it can be repaired.

new Talks recorded in the Czech Republic March 2011

Czech Republic March 11 1

Czech Republic March 11 2

Czech Republic March 11 3

Czech Republic March 11 4


Talks recorded in the Czech Republic Feb 2010

Czech Republic Feb 10 1

Czech Republic Feb 10 2

Czech Republic Feb 10 3

Czech Republic Feb 10 4

Czech Republic Feb 10 5


Talks recorded at the summer retreat September 2009

Summer Retreat 09 1

Summer Retreat 09 2

Summer Retreat 09 3

Summer Retreat 09 4

Summer Retreat 09 5

new Talks about the Gyobutsu-Yuiji chapter of the Shobogenzo recorded at the Anam Cara Retreat in June 2009

Talks from the Summer Retreat in Czech Republic - July 2009

What Makes Master Dogen's Teachings Different


Making Effort

On the Precepts

General Discussion

Talks from the Winter Retreat in Czech Republic - Feb 2009

Buddhism in the West

The Purpose of Zazen

Ceremony and Tradition in Buddhism


The Buddhist View of Living Itself

Talks about the Mulamadhyamakakarika (MMK) by Master Nagarjuna recorded at the summer retreat in 2008






The Concept of Now in Dogen's Philosophy -- Mike's paper on Uji.

Talks about the UJI chapter of the Shobogenzo recorded at the summer retreat in 2007

Talks about the Kuge chapter of the Shobogenzo recorded at the Scottish retreat in 2007

Kuge 1

Kuge 2

Kuge 3

kuge 4

kuge 5

Talks about the Ikka no Myoju chapter of the Shobogenzo recorded at the Summer retreat in 2006

Ikka no Myoju 1

Ikka no Myoju 2

Ikka no Myoju 3

Ikka no Myoju 4

The 4 views and Poetry by Ralph Hoyte

Talks about the Shoaku Makusa chapter of the Shobogenzo. These were recorded at the Scottish retreat in 2006.

Shoaku Makusa 1

Shoaku Makusa 2

Shoaku Makusa 3

Shoaku Makusa 4

Shoaku Makusa 5

Talks about the Bussho chapter of the Shobogenzo at the 2004 Summer Sesshin and 2005 winter sesshin

Bussho 1

Bussho 2

Bussho 3

Bussho 4

Bussho 5

Bussho 6

Bussho 7

Bussho 8

Bussho 9

Talk given by Yoko about Master Kodo Sawaki at the 2004 Summer Sesshin

Master Kodo Sawaki

Further talks about the Bussho Chapter given at the 2005 summer sesshin

Bussho 10

Bussho 11

Bussho 12

Bussho 13

Bussho 14

Talks about the Uji chapter of the Shobogenzo given at the 2004 Rowandenan Winter Sesshin

Uji 1

Uji 2

Uji 3

Uji 4

Uji 5

Performance by Ralph Hoyte (DSUK's poet-in-residence), reading from Mike's modern interpretation of Uji (Time-Present). Music composed and played by Stephan Hoyte (guitar).

Talks given at the 2005 Prague Sesshin in the Czech Republic

Master Dogen's Life

Zazen and the 4 views

What did Gautama Buddha discover


Talks given at London group's one day retreats

talk titles coming soon

8th February 2004 talk 1

8th February 2004 talk 2

8th May 2004 talk 2

11th July 2004

8th August 2004 talk 2

14th November talk 1

14th November talk 2

10th April 2005 talk 1

10th April 2005 talk 2

Bristol 29th May 2005

12th June 2005 talk 1

12th June 2005 talk 2

12 July 2005

13th February 2006

3rd March 2006

18th June 2006

10th December 2006 talk 1- Hossho

10th December 2006 talk 2- Hossho

11th February 2007 talk 1- 3 treasures

11th February 2007 talk 2

11th March 2007 talk 1

11th March 2007 talk 2

January 2009 talk 2

8th March 2009

newSep 2009 with Brad Warner

More talks coming soon!

Talk given at Sharpham College - On 4 principles of Master Dogen's teaching and 4 principles of zazen.

Transcripts of the Shobogenzo workshops are here

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