We are pleased to be able to offer a range of transcripts designed to support your practice. These have their origins in current talks and sessions at Dogen Sangha Bristol and in translations that Mike Luetchford has completed or is working on.

Talk transcripts
These transcripts of talks by Mike Luetchford cover a wide range of aspects of Buddhism. They are available for download as PDFs:

Shobogenzo talk transcripts

These are transcriptions of talks about Master Dogen's Shobogenzo given by MIke Luetchford

How to practice Zazen and kinhin

Our online electronic booklet "Introduction to Buddhism and the Practice of Zazen" is a self-contained guide to the basics of Buddhism, including everything from the thinking behind it to physiology and instructions on making your own "zafu" cushion. We ask for a donation of $3.00 if you would like to download the booklet.

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Our teachings are based on the works of Zen Master Dogen, the 13th century monk and philosopher who established the practice of Zazen in Japan. The record of his life's teachings, the Shobogenzo, is now available in English in 4 volumes from Windbell Publications, the publishing arm of Dogen Sangha.
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